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Developed a plan for equitable and sustainable economic development for the Bay Street Corridor located in Staten Island. The final report was titled ‘Plan Bay Street: A New Plan for Staten Island’s Downtown.’ The project allowed me to gain practical experience in developing comprehensive plans, organizing community envisioning workshops, moderating focus groups, interpreting land use and zoning regulations and urban design.


Tasks Completed:

  • Conducted SWOT analysis of area by studying current land use regulations, demography, GIS maps and site visits

  • Recommended zoning and land use changes to maintain neighborhood characteristics and identify growth areas based on the NYC Zoning Resolution

  • Provided traffic calming strategies for safer and pedestrian-oriented streetscapes

  • Suggested sustainable design guidelines to reestablish the historical 'Tappen Park' as a town center and tourists attraction place.

  • Prepared illustrative 3D models, in Adobe Illustrator and SketchUp and compiled a final report in Adobe InDesign



Click here to read the full report

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